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Buyer as Hero Toolkit

When Data Becomes a Dead-End

Using Buyer as Hero™ stories to shed light on customer success

Despite the incredible richness of customer usage data and the promise of health scores, Customer Success teams still run into blind alleys and dead ends where we lack clear direction on what’s needed to drive retention and upsell/cross sell.

See how Buyer-As-Hero can leverage Agile Competitive Intelligence to work for you.

This is because we are missing something very critical: The customer story, and most critical, the heroic elements of that story. With your copy of The "Buyer as Hero" toolkit you will 

  • Learn how to use stories alongside big data
  • Provide tools that your CS team can use to get beyond the data and into what success really means for your customers
  • Use the practical tools to “fix the leaky bucket”, avoid “unexpected churn”
  • Improve your efforts to cross-sell and upsell

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